John Reik & Associates LLC


A word about us

If you are one of our current or former customers, then welcome back. If you are new to our business, then welcome.

We are a Minnesota-based training and consulting company, founded in 1980, working mainly with banks and bank trade associations to provide high-quality credit training seminars, books, and videos to lending, credit, and loan review personnel. If you've never heard of us, it's probably because, in over three decades of business, we've never done any marketing or cold calling. That means that all of our business comes from personal referrals and repeat customers.

We strive to be the best training company that our clients have ever worked with. We want our clients to think of us as a valuable part of their internal management team rather than as just an outside vendor.

  • We will give our clients our best effort–even if that means referring them to another training company if that's what our clients really need.
  • We will work to create long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We will accept a business engagement only if we are sure that we can give the client exactly what it needs.
  • We will treat our clients' confidential information as carefully as we treat our own.
  • We will provide detailed billing information so that our clients always know exactly what they are paying for.
  • We will use our own training materials so that we can help our clients contain their expenses and more easily provide the customization that our clients often need.
  • We will appreciate our clients and never take them for granted.

If we can be of any assistance, we'd enjoy talking to you. Please feel free to call us at (651) 646–0182.

A word about our owner

John W. Reik is the founder and president of the company.  In addition, John has been a lecturer and Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Minnesota since 1977 and spent eight years as the senior credit trainer and manager of Credit and Finance Education for First Bank System [now U.S. Bank.]  Previous to his position at the University of Minnesota, John worked as a financial analyst in the Automotive Assembly Division of Ford Motor Company.

John is an honors graduate of Purdue University and the University of Minnesota and holds degrees in management, accounting, finance, and law.  He is past chairman of the Risk Management Association's (formerly Robert Morris Associates) Minnesota Chapter Education Committee, a licensed attorney, and a member of the Better Business Bureau’s Senior Council of Arbitrators.

John’s published articles include: Acquisition Financing: The EBIT Multiple Trap, Cash Flow and Intercompany Investments Parts I and II, Improving Capital Expenditure Cash Flow Calculations, and How to Calculate the “Boil Over” Point of an Acquisition.

A word about our seminars

We use and develop our own training materials in our seminars, rather than relying on third-party materials.  We do this for a number of reasons:
  • We are able to emphasize the most important ideas and concepts.
  • We are able to avoid extra expenses for our clients by eliminating the necessity of purchasing separate, third-party training materials.
  • We are able to easily modify our own training products in order to provide customization when needed.
  • We are able to sell our materials on a per-copy basis to clients who wish to use their own instructors.
As you examine the offerings that are described in our catalog, please keep in mind that we can customize any of the described programs in order to meet your specific training needs.  This means that we can combine or eliminate topics, increase or decrease material complexity, shorten or lengthen training times, or almost anything else that you might need.

Please also keep in mind that we can design a training program for you from the "ground up"–or even design training materials that you can purchase on a per-copy basis for use by your own internal instructors.  Our aim is to be as flexible as possible in meeting your overall training needs.

Finally, where prerequisites are mentioned, they should be considered strong suggestions as to which training programs should either precede or follow others.

In some cases, prospective participants will already have the appropriate background to attend a given course even though they haven't taken its suggested prerequisites.  In other cases, there may be some doubt as to whether prospective participants have the appropriate background.

When in doubt, check to see whether a screening test is available for a course.   If it is, then it may be used to secure a quick assessment of a prospective participant's background.  Contact us for more details.

Contact us

If we can be of any assistance, we'd enjoy talking to you.  Please feel free to call us at (651) 646–0182 or email us at either or